Geothermal Power Supply as an alternative to oil and gas is a unique, sophisticated and cutting-edge energy source which is particularly important for companies already working in the OCTG sector: Existing technology is easily conveyed to this new and clean font of energy.
ITECO is a step ahead in the increasingly competitive market for Geothermal Power Supply.

Already specialised in supplying OCTG and associative products to the Oil and Gas Industry, we have successfully advanced and transferred our know-how to the Geothermal Industry. Indeed, ITECO has supplied equipment used on several geothermal deep drilling projects for major industrialists.


We are determined to utilise geothermal heat to generate innovative energy. Our core expertise – OCTG products – can additionally be applied to geothermal drilling activities: Straightforwardly, specifications for our pipes remain the same.

Other companies have initiated geothermal projects under the category of ‘Oil and Gas drilling’ activities – ITECO also essentially dedicates its resources and maintains its focus on this segment.