“When I started my career, my first job was selling refinery products, stud bolts and gaskets. 1000’s of items, where there was money to be made purely in buying and selling. Then I worked for 5 years at Siderca, which is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world. At Siderca, my focus was to sell large scale production tonnes of OCTG and Line Pipes globally.

When I created ITECO in 1997, I realised that there was an opportunity to do something in between. By taking large volume mill runs, combined with spot trading and adding value through Supply Chain Management distribution, we could offer a bespoke package solution to our customers. This had the effect of de commoditizing the product to add flexibility and value.

By combining an aggressive trading model and mill run sourcing, I believe we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves. In following these basic guiding principles we have been able to grow the company into a very substantial business in less than a decade. We have shipped more than 1 million tonnes of steel in this time.”


  • Bridging Quantity: Buy large volumes and sell it in small parcels. Take a commodity product and sell something that is differentiated by the supply chain
  • Bridging Time: Be close to the customer and work proactively with them. Understand the requirements and when they are needed in order to optimise the supply options. Determine cost and delivery drivers. Create responsiveness and pass the benefits of this flexibility directly onto customers
  • Bridging Geography: Have a network of strategic suppliers capable of supplying the full spectrum of products, from high to low end, API to premium and Super premium connections. Link these supply networks to strategically positioned distribution hubs which respond to a demand for delivery within a maximum of 30 – 60 days anywhere in the world.
  • Bridging Finance: Pay for the goods in advance. Give the Customer credit.