Denis Flé - C.C.O. and Director

“To exchange and share information is power. It brings people together.”

Denis, a native born Frenchman, has had a comprehensive Sales, Marketing and Finance background in the OCTG industry for over 25 years. In 2002, he co-founded as Managing Director ITECO’s Paris based office and was appointed ITECO’s Chief Commercial Officer and Director in 2012. For the past two years, Denis has taken the helm at the Group’s German office in Ratingen and heads our European mainland operations.

Denis not only leads ITECO’s sales achievements in Europe but, importantly, also maintains exceptional relations with our suppliers. Additionally, he and his team have executed several major projects which have allowed for ITECO’s successful entry into the Geothermal sector. Denis plays a pivotal role in driving forward, expanding and overseeing ITECO’s growth within renewable energy industries.

Denis insists on providing his staff with the right development, the right information and the right tools to conduct each and every task to the complete satisfaction of each and every client. He runs ITECO’s operational teams in France and Germany with integrity, transparency and openness which results in them consistently performing beyond expectations.

Nils Johannsen - C.F.O. & Director

“What I admire most are people who can think out of the box, but with a code of ethics.”

Nils, originally from Germany, had been ITECO’s Financial Manager for 5 years, from 2007, before being promoted to C.F.O. and taking a seat on the Board of Directors in 2012.

Having qualified knowledge and comprehensive experience in economics and marketing as well as the financial and banking sectors, he worked closely with ITECO in Germany. Nils’ fresh, entrepreneurial and committed attitude to ITECO was acknowledged by his relocation to Dubai to take over the global reins of Group Finance.

Nils was instrumental in restructuring the company’s financial management processes which has allowed for continued and unimpeded growth. Additionally, he oversees all venture capital opportunities and is responsible for ITECO’s recent investment successes. A tribute to Nils’ hands-on approach to ITECO’s accounting procedures is his spearhead involvement with risk management and risk assessment which provides the company unrivalled scope to perform at optimum, yet acceptable, levels.

Nils is a modern day C.F.O. who interacts just as well with people as he does with numbers. His vision and drive to expand the company’s financial well-being is conducted with an enterprising flair which seamlessly complements ITECO’s core philosophy.

Joanne O’Donnell - C.O.O. & Director

“When it comes to the Oil Supply industry, building long-term relationships is as important as securing long-term contracts.”

Joanne, hailing from the U.K., was our General Manager for 6 years, from 2006, and since 2012 has become ITECO’s C.O.O. and sits on the Board of Directors. She is one of the foremost strategic thinkers and planners in the Oil & Gas Supply World.

Beginning her career almost 30 years ago with British Steel, and then Vallourec, she has gained extensive product knowledge and invaluable experience within the industry, notably sales and marketing. Joanne’s expansive thinking and knowledge of supply chain management helped ITECO to develop its own ground breaking frame contracts in the Middle East.

This led to innovative marketing initiatives on a global basis and as a specialist in pipe supply and integrated services, she has since expanded ITECO’s sales successes in OCTG products throughout all major continents, including the Far East and China, India, the Middle East, and East Africa

Handling multi-national and multi-million dollar accounts on a daily basis, Joanne’s accomplished ability to listen and discuss issues with transparency enables her to guide ITECO, unwaveringly, in the right direction.

Our Dubai operations are managed by Joanne with professional empathy and a driven enthusiasm which, unfailingly, earns the respect of her staff and clients alike.

Toru Takagi - Director/Vice President

“There are two things that energy and people have in common: Growth and opportunity.”

Toru, born in Yokohama, Japan, spent almost three decades in the energy sector and pipe industry with the Japanese giant, Mitsubishi Corporation. Between 2003 and 2008, he was assigned as General Manager of the Line Pipe Department in Houston, Texas and oversaw large scale projects to completion.

Toru was the driving force behind ITECO’s successful partnership with Japan’s Metal One Corporation to secure a 25% share in ITECO and, since 2013, has been appointed to our Dubai office as Vice President and Director.

Toru’s focus is on fully integrating the partnership potential in order to create and sustain increased growth which satisfies investment expectations.

Toru’s expertise in negotiating the right strategies for both companies, whilst balancing cultural differences and motivations, is a challenge that can never be underestimated.

His ability to understand and respect different backgrounds and cultures is a major contributing factor to his success. In terms of business thinking, Toru’s open-mindedness brings to ITECO a far wider perspective on achieving our goals.